Internetworking Specialists in Design and Integration of Data, Voice and Video Technologies

Glint Consulting is an organisation that provides internetworking design and consulting services to corporate and enterprise customers.

Glint Consulting has specialist knowledge and experience in all aspects of network design, planning and installation with extensive experience in the area of multiservice networking. Multiservice networking encompasses all aspects of data, voice and video integration as well as IP Telephony. Glint Consulting also has experience in security technologies, in particular Cisco Secure range of PIX firewalls, CiscoSecure Integrated Software and Cisco 3000 VPN concentrators.

Creating networks is no longer a hit and miss affair as corporate networks are a business tool and are as vital to the profitability of the business as a telephone. This makes a stable reliable network more critical to the business than ever before. Glint Consulting with over 18 years IT and networking experience can help you build and maintain a true mission critical network.

With the emerging trend toward implementing a multiservice network where data, voice and video are integrated over a single infrastructure it is important that you understand what the implications will be on your network. It is also important you understand that when upgrading or expanding your existing network that you consider what is needed to support this technology in the future.

IP Telephony, another key component in future multiservice networks demands higher service levels, advanced quality of service policy and high availability network designs. Glint Consulting already has over 2 years of experience with this technology and has assisted in designing and implementing several of these networks.

Glint Consulting with over 18 years IT and 12 years of dedicated networking experience can help you build and maintain a true mission critical multiservice network.

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